Classic Gaming LaserDisc Repair

Pioneer LaserActive (CLD-A100) Sega PAC-S10 Main Board Recap

This is the first half of recapping a Sega PAC-S10 for use with the Pioneer LaserActive. Due to the parts used in manufacturing, most of these units are in poor shape internally and sometimes can cause damage to the player if used in a deteriorated state! The repair is more or less a drop in […]


Takamine AccurAcoustic Preamp Recap Repair

The world is a small place sometimes. Last year, I was cruising Craigslist and came across a Technics tape deck and some classic gaming accessories. Met the guy, made the exchange. Mentioned what I do — a few weeks later he texted me asking if I would like to take a look at seven or […]


Perpetual Procrastinator

I figured since I primarily work on older and vintage electronics, I needed something that sounded both positively extinct and very metal.