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Pioneer LaserActive (CLD-A100) Sega PAC-S10 Main Board Recap

This is the first half of recapping a Sega PAC-S10 for use with the Pioneer LaserActive. Due to the parts used in manufacturing, most of these units are in poor shape internally and sometimes can cause damage to the player if used in a deteriorated state!

Close quarters

The repair is more or less a drop in replacement, except using caps with radial leads instead of surface mount. These are a little easier to work with for me and most other people, and don’t require much in the way of special equipment. Make sure to clean the pads if the old caps have leaked! Luckily, mine was in surprisingly good internal condition to begin with.

All my ducks in a row
Some more tight fits

Additionally, since the unit can play Sega CD games, there’s a backup save memory battery inside. It is quite dead. Luckily, there’s enough space on the bottom to mod in a coin cell battery holder and the original can be replaced with a garden-variety CR2032 battery.

Bottom view, battery holder

I put together a quick YouTube video, with some nice classical music courtesy of their free-use library. The video is at 300% speed and is still close to twenty minutes long! This isn’t a short repair.

My YouTube debut

Next time is the secondary board for this unit!

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