Takamine AccurAcoustic Variant Model

Recently, I received a Takamine AccurAcoustic for repair. The unit wasn’t fully dead, but the sound was described as “off” compared to a standard and repaired AAP. There were a few distinct differences visually. The casing is impregnated plastic similar to an N4B (the gold flakes), the input jack looked different, and the weight of the unit was closer to one with a battery installed.

Plastic Casing
Just like Goldschläger

This preamp came from a limited series guitar. Opening it up revealed that this is an AccurAcoustic in name only — this unit is a unique variant model. I sent the photos to the guys on the “Takamine Guitars” Facebook group, and learned the board looked a bit like the Parametric preamp, but with a different front panel including the EQ/Pass switch.

Mainboard Closeup
Close up of the variant mainboard

So, it’s got a mainboard similar to a Parametric, a casing similar to an N4B, and the front panel of an AAP! On the technical side, the EQ portion depends on IC1 as opposed to the RC circuits in a standard AAP. There are still a handful of capacitors, of course, for power and output filtering.

Here’s an album of more photos if you’re interested.


Input Jack
Black input jack instead of yellow

The capacitor replacement on this unit is drop in. Desolder the old caps and put the new ones in their place. The polarity is marked on the board, which lead to a bit of a hangup — I didn’t pay enough attention and found that one of the capacitors on this unit is bipolar. I had to order some bipolar caps; they’re not something I keep on hand. It’s possible to hack together a bipolar cap from two polarized capacitors of the same value, though I recommend just doing it properly.

Reference DesignatorCapacitanceVoltage
Volume Board4.7 uF Tantalum16V
C1470 uF16V
C20.47 uF50V
C310 uF16V
C410 uF BP16V
Parts List

If you found this page but are trying to repair the much more common AccurAcoustic model, check here instead

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