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Pioneer LaserActive (CLD-A100) Sega PAC-S10 Sub Board Recap


This sub board is the other half of the PAC-S10 I published the recap video of last month. Half is a bit misleading; I think there’s less caps on this portion overall but they have to be mounted rather carefully to clear the main board when fully assembled. I’m replacing the caps on this unit with radial leads rather than SMD components.


The lead wire running from the cap on top is present because I lifted one of the pads when I was (carefully) removing the old caps with needle-nose pliers. Note that yanking them off is most technically not the proper technique…but it’s fast, works most of the time, and only requires the pliers.

I’ve embedded the YouTube video above. It’s sped up 300%, but this one is worth fast-forwarding to the end at least–I do show a few moments of Comix Zone gameplay! The Sega Genesis portion of the unit works, but I need to figure out what’s going on with the CD/LaserDisc part of the unit to get SegaCD to play.

Like fine wine

Hopefully my repair gives the unit another 27 years of life. This repair involves a lot of cap replacement, and pretty much every one of these units needs it by this point. Leaky caps and battery corrosion can destroy them, I was lucky to get one in this good of shape to begin with.


Also, if you’ve not played Comix Zone, you’re missing out.

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