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Sega GameGear Recap

This is a pretty straightforward and well-documented repair, though I figured it was worth a video regardless. It’s difficult to locate a Sega GameGear that doesn’t suffer from dim video output and low or no sound output at all. The most typical culprit is, again, the low quality SMD capacitors used throughout the unit.

There are a couple of hardware revisions of the GameGear that are primarily identified as single-ASIC or twin-ASIC. Visually, one has a single large chip on the mainboard and the other type has two, if you can believe it. Beyond that, there will be a revision (VA1, VA4, possibly VA5) marked on the mainboard as well.

Most units have approximately the same number of capacitors to replace: 11-12 on the mainboard, five on the audio board, and three on the power board. Since I was performing this repair for a good friend of mine, I also replaced the original plastic screen lens with a modern glass one.

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